We’re big believers that everyone needs real information in their web analytics. Our mission here at Reals Site Metrics is to help you understand your site’s visitors and their behavior to make better decisions.

Advanced analytics

Real Site Metrics takes raw data and forms them into detailed, useful analytics of your choice with metrics that really matter. Get to know your visitors' real bounce rates as well as their attention time and actions on your website.

Content based analytics

With more focus on contents and segments you can measure the efficiency of any given part of your website. Using content based analytics you can receive more detailed and precise information than collecting data only about pages.


Our weighted visitor trend gives you the perfect idea of how many valuable visitors come to your website day by day. Choose between weighted visitors, bouncing rates, new visitors and a lot more trends to receive all the information you need!

Visitor actions

See an overview of your visitors' actions on your site with trends and average changes of performed actions by days for the selected timespan. If you don't think that's enough you can jump into our detailed pivot analytics where you can analyze the actions by various dimensions.

Active attention time

See how much time your visitors really spent on your website! Real Site Metrics separates the active attention time of your visitors from when they switch to another tab or window to boost your web analytics with even more real data.

Micro Goals

Set micro goals to see how each of your contents and blocks perform.

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