Real Site Metrics
The Google Analytics extension
you always wanted

Decision support

Jump into a world of easy decisions based on the real, detailed analytics information we can give you about your website! With RealSiteMetrics you will be able to achieve the highest conversion rates as you can monitor your website's visitors like never before.

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See how your website performed between your chosen dates by one trend line! Choose between weighted visitor, new visitor, bouncing rate, etc. trends to easily analyze website performance and be able to plan for the future.

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Custom reports

Create the analytics reports that you want to see! With the Real Site Metrics Pivot analytics tool you can select any combination of data about your website that you could wish for to examinate them and make your website better.

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How it works

With just a simple javascript snippet
we can deliver detailed information of your website

1.Data collection

We collect every data about your visitors to the legal limit

2.Data processing

This is where the magic happens


Your detailed website analytics are ready for you

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